Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There are basically 3 main characters.  First we have...

JANE-  Jane is the old woman we never notice walking through our daily lives.

She is the boring, drab, lonely woman who looks down in the stores and does not say much.  

Living in Florida, which is a huge retirement community market, I wonder who these walmart 

greeters and bridge people were when they were young.  What stories did they hide behind 

their strange clothes and wrinkled skin.  I notice that a lot of the younger generation just pass 

them by and really believe that they were always frail with no stories to tell.  Jane is one of 

these people who finally gets to tell her story.  When she finally tells it, she gets a tiny bit

of her own life back.  You can see the weight lifted.  Unfortunately, her audience, while

eager to hear her story, are very shaken and disrupted by it.

LEGACY REIMS is the lucky woman who is chosen by fate to run into Jane at the moment

when all of her skeletons come falling out of her closet.  Legacy is a young aspiring writer, 

wife, and mother.  She is given the task of the century after being the only person in years

to actually show some courtesy and caring to the old woman in the store.  Legacy's 

character is loosely based on me and my reactions to the situation she is in.  She is very 

similar to me, but she is not me!  I wanted her to feel real, like you know her.

Finally, there is TOM LAUGHLIN.  After what I have created in Tom, I really hope that this is

no one's real name.  If, it is someone's name, don't look at him funny.  My Tom is a fictitious

character.  In creating Tom, I remember feeling that I had to write him even though I didn't 

understand him.  In the story, Tom is really trying to figure himself out and he goes through

these stages.  He really does not see the monster that he is.  As far as he is concerned, he is not

responsible for any of the horrible things that he does and they are just things that happened

to him.

I really want to give you more but...

Book comes out in just a few short months!  I hope you enjoy it, or hate it with a passion 

because you can't put it down and/or it's disturbing.

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