Thursday, March 29, 2012


The book has been selling, mostly to people who know me and learn about the book.  So far all the feedback is good.  So, why the sigh?  Well, the book needs to be helped along the way.  It needs my attention and leg work, 2 things that I have not recouped yet.  Not to the point of actually marketing my work.  Right now I am on print on demand because it is the easiest thing for me to do.  It does not make the best shipping times and it means that I am not available in physical bookstores, just their online stores.

I will come out of hibernation soon.  I know that...
Everything in its own time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The books are arriving to their perspective homes.  I guess a normal person would be nervous.  I mean this is the part where you are basically just awaiting judgement, right?

It is an amazing relief for me.  I am not nervous.  The book has typos in it.  I believed I posted about those before.  I know some comments will come for those.  The book is a lot darker than I am known for.  I mentioned that in an April post, which was the reason for the pen name.  I am not at all hiding who I am.  The back cover has my name and photo.  I just don't want the darkness of this book to be used to judge my future works.

I am sure there will be those who love the book and others who won't.  The book was written for my husband.  Only his potential dislike of the work would have caused me to bite my nails and wonder.  Sigh, how I dislike being a widow.
I am curious to know what some think.  I wonder how far his book will go.  It is exciting because it is a proclamation that he was here.  It is like he is now marked in history.  I imagine at least one book floating around for the rest of days with his photo in the back.  The book itself is a part of our tragic love story.  A tale that ended too soon.  I enjoyed that side of it so much that I decided to form a non-profit in his name.  It will contribute to the causes that he cared for.

His legacy will live beyond us both.