Thursday, May 19, 2011


The release of the book is really just around the bend but the wait is killing me.
It is hard to contain the jittery excitement over it.  Just a few more months.

Only women can relate to how I really feel.  Particularly women who have taken a pregnancy test.
You know the 3 minute wait.  The 3 minutes staring into the plastic stick debating on whether or not you
see a blue spot that can be the start of a positive line or maybe its just the light.  Maybe if you blink, it will go away or appear depending on which you are rooting for.  Did I do it right, does it need more or less?  Maybe I should take another.

In those 3 minutes, you notice the tile is chipped, the paint in here can be touched up, and what's with
the shower rod, is it slanted???  1.5 minutes left to go...

Imagine that feeling, but for 3 months.  This is the longest pregnancy test of my LIFE!

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