Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who is Legacy Reims

Legacy is actually one of the main characters in the book.  Those who know me know that I am a smiley,

light person.  This book is going to surprise them.  It is very dark and tragic.  I put Legacy's name on the

cover of the book because I like the idea of keeping people in the story at all times.  While I am proud of

my book, it does not define me.  I have a lot of other works both dark and light for young and old.  I didn't

want my future books to be pre-judged by the theme of this book.  I mean really, picture yourself in the

bookstore with your kids.  They run up to a children's book and the authors name is Stephen King.  Would

you get it for your young child?  Probably not.  While I know that Stephen King took years to earn his title

and fame, and those are not things that I have to worry about, I still figure a pseudo name is fun.

Legacy and I have a lot in common.  I put a lot of myself into her in order to deliver a true reaction to some

of the things that she goes through in the book.  It was fun 'acting' out the worry and doubt that she goes

through.  She is a mother of a young child.  She has a husband and a career like I do.  The similarities

may cause some of my friends to question, but rest assured she is not me.  She is more like a character

I played in a movie once.  It only aired in my imagination, so far, but hopefully I painted a clear enough

picture for you to see her too, when you read the book.

Let me know how you feel about this font.  It looked cluttered last time, hence the double spacing.


  1. Love knowing how you came to get your pen-name. As you know I'm a fan of pseudo-name. :) Can't wait to see your book in print, will it also be an e-book, for Kindle owners to be able to download?

  2. Well, the publishing company had asked me about that and I did say yes, but I am not sure how they are releasing it. I believe the option for ebooks will come after the hard copy has been released for some time.

    I have seen some of your crafts! Your pseudo name only gives slight clues to your talent. I loved the spaghetti night invite, wow!